Direct-On-Line Motor Starter - The Contactor in MB 11 Starter is capable for continuous giving as 5 million switching operation and 10 million mechanical operations. its contacts are made from silver cadmium oxide. No volt coil of contactor is trivialized and subject to rigorous test for continuous, pick up and Drop off. it also available. Each contactor can be fitted with two auxiliary contact block of 1 no + 1nc each for indicating Lamp, Sequence interlock and other pilot circuits.

Remote Control - MB 11 Starter Can be remotely controlled by push button stations, Float Switches, Pressure switch, Temperature Controller or any other Auxiliary Circuit.

hp kW AMPS Cat No. SS 90035
0.75 0.55 1.6 1.5-2.5
1.00 0.75 1.8 1.5-2.5
1.25 0.92 2.1 1.5-2.5
1.50 1.10 2.6 2.5-4.0
1.75 1.30 3.0 2.5-4.0
2.00 1.50 3.5 2.5-4.0
2.50 1.80 4.8 4.0-6.5
3.00 2.20 5.0 4.0-6.5
4.00 3.00 6.2 4.0-6.5
5.00 3.70 7.5 6.0-10.0
6.00 4.50 9.0 6.0-10.0
7.5 5.50 11.0 9.0-14.0
10 7.5 15 13-21

The Thermal Overload Relay in this starter protects the Motor against burnouts. Relay can be manually reset by just pressing stop button. Relay can be selected from a wide range with easily adjustable current setting.

Installation - This Starter should mount vertically. The unit is provided with holes at different sides for entry of cables. The terminal Screws have metallic caps for easy and reliable termination of cables.

Push Buttons - The Start Stop Push Button are designed for convenient operation, The Stop Push Button Can be Latched in the off Position to prevent accidental starting.

OIL IMMERSED direct-on-line Starter - Oil Immersed starter type MB -1 is a Push Button operated starter built with cast Iron plus Sheet metal Body. The Starter is suitable for all kinds of Electrical Motors, Monoblocks, Submersible Pumps etc. and also suitable for dusty, sandy, corrosive and powdery working conditions.

Protection - Starter Type Mb-1 is Fitted with three magnetic overload relays with adjustable oil dash-pot time lag for overload and under voltage protection. No-Volt protection is provided in the starter by a magnet coil.